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Since 2010, MadLab has undergone constant evolution, growing to become the UK’s most active hub for grassroots digital innovation. In Summer 2016 we joined the international FabLab network, and in early 2017 will be launching the MadFabLab as an open-access workshop for Manchester’s hackers, makers, and tinkerers – whether actively curious, seasoned anti-disciplinarian, or any/all points in between.

MadLab is an active and globally recognised participant in an international, boundary-crossing, genre-bending hacker and maker movement – whether working locally to bring digital making to new audiences through projects like Make Stuff, CodeUp, and Digital Skills for Women, or internationally through our curiosity-driven art-science-technology R&D programme: DIY placemaking in Karachi, low-volume "bandit fort" manufacturing in Shenzhen, and the Institute of Unknown Purpose in Davies, California.

If this sounds like an exciting thing to be a part of, then we’re very much looking forward to hearing from you. The MadFabLab will offer low cost, 24/7 access to members. Sign up to our mailing list above, to be one of the first to hear about how to join up.



42 Edge Street
M4 1HN

Next door to MadLab HQ!


The MadFabLab is small but perfectly formed – a 100m2 first-floor space next door to MadLab HQ, with workshop and assembly space, and a members’ storage area. Listed below is what we have so far, but we will be adding to this list in coming months, in response to the needs of our  growing community. 

Digital Workshop

Machines and tools for 2D and 3D digital fabrication: laser cutting, filament and resin 3D printing, vinyl cutting, and benchtop CNC milling. 

Manual TOOLS

Hand and power tools, including a drill press and belt sander, plus vices and grips for securing materials while you work. 

Electronics Workshop

All the essentials needed for the creation of your next electronics project: solder station and hot air rework, reflow hotplate, oscilloscope, and plenty more besides.


42 Edge Street
M4 1HN

Next door to MadLab!