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Madfablab services

Got some jewellery designs you need laser cutting? Maybe you need to etch a photo for a lovely gift? Perhaps you're prototyping your next product and need it 3D printed? Or maybe you'd like your opening times vinyl cut for your shop window?

MadFabLab Services are here to help you with your making needs. We offer a range of affordable services - from design, to file preparation, to final product - we'll get the job done!


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Our *super* reliable Laserscript 6840 PRO is suitable to cut and engrave a variety of laser friendly materials - think plywood, MDF, acrylic, cork and more. 

Whether you have your files ready to go, or need a little assistance in realising your idea, we're here to help.

3D Printing

Want to explore the possibilities of 3D Printing? Our Ultimaker 3 is ideal for a whole range of uses - you can print key rings, jewellery models for casting or even that illusive missing part that isn't made anymore. You can even print someone else's model from Thingiverse for a gift.

Just send us an .OBJ file, and we'll get it done. 

Got an idea but unsure of how to approach it? We can help with that too. :)

Vinyl Cutting


The process of vinyl cutting allows for the precise cutting of - you guessed it - vinyl! Whether you need something for a shop window, or a sticker for your laptop, we can help :)