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Do you love Minecraft?

This two hour fun, creative and hands-on workshop challenges you to work as part of a team to imagine and build a variety of objects in the world of Minecraft. During the activity, you’ll be provided with an iPad to work on.

Everyone is then split into teams and are connected in Minecraft worlds so they can plan and build together. The teams are set a range of build challenges throughout the workshop. Each of the challenges will have a time limit and you’ll need to work as a team to design and create your response to the build challenge. Once the time is up, the teams review each other’s creations to give constructive feedback on what they liked and what could be improved about each design and build. This process is repeated after each of the challenges throughout the session.

Who is this course for?

We suggest a minimum age of 8 for this workshop. If you’re not quite old enough, why not see if an adult can stay and help you during the session.

What you will learn

  • Basic Minecraft controls (if you don’t already play the game)
  • How to work as part of a team in the game
  • Creative thinking
  • Communication skills
  • Working to a deadline

What you will leave with

You will receive a certificate and pin badge that shows you have successfully completed this workshop and you are a certified MakoCreater.

Equipment you’ll need

All equipment will be provided on the day, you just need to bring yourself.