Our handy Cura software calculates how much time and material is used for the print - so we can give you quote straight away!

Want to see a draft first? Just let us know and we'll let you know how it goes for a small fee.


Got a file that's ready print?

Send over an STL. file and we'll see it off to go. If you'd like a specific material or colour, just let us know.


£3 (inc VAT) per hour (minimum charge 1 hour)

Costing for materials can vary, but are usually *very* inexpensive.

20180301_094737 copy.jpg

Want to print something but not sure where to start?

Send us your ideas and we'll realise it! We have a handy Sense 3D scanner, so if you need anything scanning and printing, let us know!


£3 (inc VAT) per hour of printing time (minimum charge 1 hour)

£30 (inc VAT) per hour for file creation